Fat to Fit Program

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Fat to Fit Program

13 ratings

Do you want a transformation like mine? Here is everything that I have learned from losing 70lbs to lose fat and build muscle.

What's Included?

- Informative Videos πŸ“· (and new ones to come!)

- Mindset 🧠

  • Discipline and Motivation

- Nutrition πŸ₯—

  • The Basics of Nutrition
  • How to Find Your Calories and Track Them
  • Cheat Meals
  • When You Will See Progress and How to Track it

- Exercise πŸ‹οΈ

  • How to Get Over Gym Intimidation
  • Full Explanation Exercise

- Contains my PDF weightloss Guide πŸ“š

- Access to Members Only Discord Section πŸ”“

- Why and when you should start β°

- A guide to setting up your diet to lose or gain weight πŸ΄

- A full week example of what I eat πŸ”

- The full 6 day routine I used (and still use) πŸ’ͺ

- Tips and answers for common questions πŸ™‹

  • What to do when you mess up? 
  • What if I can't go to the gym? 
  • What if I can't track my calories?
  • When will I see progress?
  • How should I track my progress?
  • Why discipline beats talent (and motivation)
  • When can I stop all this?
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